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 Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Robin and Randy Ney

P.O. Box 3,  Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Tel. 913-422-4186  E-mail: rivendell@rivendellgreaterswiss.com



Application for a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


Name, Address, City, State, Zip:





Phones: Home:                                    Cell:                             Work:                                                                                    





List all the people in your home and their ages: __________________________________________________________



Do you plan on adding a baby to your household in the near future? ______________________________________


Do you know that the Swissy is a rare breed and purchase fees are  $2,400.00?___________


Do you have a house? ______________   Apartment? ______________    Other? _________________


Is this an urban / suburban / rural setting? ______________________________________________________________


If you rent, are you allowed to have a large dog? _________________________________________________________


Do you have any other pets? _______ If yes, what kind and how many: _______________________________________


Is someone at home during the day? __________________________________________________________________ 


If not, how do you intend to provide for the pup during your absence? __________________________________________



Will this dog primarily live indoors or outdoors? __________________________________________________________


Do you have a fenced area / how large / what type of fence?  _______________________________________________


If you do not have a fenced yard, how do you intend to exercise the dog? _______________________________________



Do you know that housebreaking may take up to 6 months or longer and that the dog will shed?_________________


Have you personally encountered a Swissy? __________________________________________________________



If you have young children (your own, grandkids, etc.), do you know that toddlers and large breed dogs need to be taught how to

 interact with each other to avoid possible physical injuries? _________________


To what extent will you use a crate? __________________________________________________________________



How do you intend to socialize the puppy? ______________________________________________________________



Where and what type of training classes will you take? ____________________________________________________



What experience do you have with large working breed dogs? _______________________________________________



Why do you want to own a Swissy?___________________________________________________________________



Do you have a veterinarian knowledgeable about large breeds? If yes, please provide name, address and phone #:



Have you researched the diseases that can affect Swissys, such as OCD, bloat/gastric torsion, splenic torsion, epilepsy etc., and

do you know that treating some of these conditions can be very expensive?___________________


Do you have a Vet-Emergency Clinic nearby familiar with GDV (bloat-torsion)? ____________________________


If you had dogs before, what happened to them? _________________________________________________________



Please describe your ideal Swissy: ___________________________________________________________________




Please specify whether you would like a: Male ______  Female ______  Pet _____ Show/breeding quality: ______


Would you be interested in a young adult or a rescue Swissy? _______________________________________________


How did you find out about us?______________________________________________________________________


Is there anything else you feel we should know? _________________________________________________________



Name of person who completed this application: ______________________________________________________


Signature: ___________________________________________________              Date: ____________________


Please email, or mail this application to Rivendell Greater Swiss. Depending on puppy availability, we will contact you by e-mail

or phone. Please note that we do not maintain a waiting list. Our choice of potential puppy owners is entirely based on our

personal judgment of the applicant and the home he/she will be able to provide to our puppies.

Thank you for considering a Rivendell Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.